1:1 Productivity Coaching for Writers

Whether you’re a published author or novice novelist, you have a writing project you want to tackle. You also have a busy life, full of distractions, making it oh so easy to let the whispering voice of doubt talk you into endless procrastination.

Writing craft is valuable, but it doesn’t get the words on the page. For that, you need productivity, creativity, and confidence. Above all, you—like all writers—need the support and guidance of someone who cares about helping you achieve your creative vision.

You might think high-achievers are so disciplined they don’t need a coach

It turns out that CEOs and pro athletes are exactly the people most likely to make a pivotal investment in their success by enlisting one. Why? They know their research: 70% of people report improved performance after coaching, 80% report increased confidence, and the accelerated success can be quite dramatic—such as 7 times the weight loss in a randomized controlled trial.

Do I have to submit my writing? 

Happily, no. :) While I'm a fan of good developmental editing, the goal of that process is to make your words better. My coaching is about getting your words on the page to begin with! I work with people who know what they want to do—Write more! Write more often! Write faster! Write with more focus! Finish the bloody draft!—but like most humans, struggle to manifest their intentions.

That's where I come in. I'm trained in neuroscience-backed techniques that help you tap into your inner superhero. Our sessions are designed to foster the insights, motivation, clarity, and habits that make for healthy and sustainable change. In other words, we work on improving your well-being right along with your word count.

How does it work?

Research shows a coaching environment works best in partnership. Turns out, you're already the world’s foremost expert in yourself—your hopes, fears, obstacles, values, and experiences. I bring the science-based frameworks that best help facilitate your thinking, exploration, and planning. Together, we make a mighty powerful team.

Deliciously simple. Deceptively powerful.

The best way to understand more, especially if you haven't yet experienced professional coaching, is to get a taste of it for yourself. I offer free consults to help you evaluate how this process may help you support your dreams.

What do you have to lose? What might you have to gain?

There's really only one way to find out if coaching is likely to accelerate your success, and that's to try a free sample. There's no obligation. It's a joy for me to meet you, and I hope you walk away feeling the same.

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Coaching by Cheyenne

If you're struggling to reconcile your output with your dreams, you've come to the right place. I disappointed myself so many times, I was convinced my dreams were merely fantasies.

Since then, I've won multiple creative awards, published a novel, helped lead a successful IPO, and sailed off into the sunset. Literally. 

Am I some unique prodigy? Hardly. I'm an exceedingly average person who learned that productivity, creativity, and confidence aren't fixed personality traits, but skills that can be learned. Now I'm passionate about helping fellow writers reach their own dreams.

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