Nice to meet you, I'm Cheyenne Richards.

Let me begin with a few things that are true about me: I helped take a company public, completed a marathon, and published a novel. I went from sailing novice to world-cruiser in five years and founded my own wellness company. I've traveled to 32 countries so far. Hate me as you will, but I consistently make my own chicken broth, rarely eat anything out of a box, and get my RDA of vitamins, minerals, and exercise.

But let me add a few other things that are also true: My go-to dinner used to be a Kraft Single microwaved into a day-glo smear on a flour tortilla. I was the shyest kid in the third grade. I'm a wuss about cold water and cold weather. I have ADHD. If sense of direction was part of the DMV test, I wouldn't have a driver's license. And I still have a procrastination problem that requires every mental trick in my toolbox to overcome, pretty much every day—yet every day I do.

You get the point—I'm as human a being as they come, and if I can manage the behavior change required to do some pretty awesome stuff, for goodness sakes, so can you.

This is my version of a BETTEREST life. What's yours?

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